Online slots in casinos: bonus games and rounds they feature

Any modern online casino is practically Las Vegas (and on your personal computer or even your phone). A huge variety of slot machines amazes the imagination of even the most experienced gambler. All currently known slots are divided into a number of categories. Let’s take a closer look.

Types of slot machines

Online casinos classify slots primarily by the size of the bets. Some machines can be played with a few cents, while in others one bet is worth hundreds of dollars. The most common bet sizes:

  1. Nickels;
  2. Pennies;
  3. Quarters;
  4. Dollars;
  5. Five dollar online slots.

What to choose? Focus on your current financial capabilities and the maximum amount you are willing to spend in one game.

Number of drums

Online slots differ among themselves and in the number of reels in slot games. On video machines, the drums look like a metal reel with the corresponding game functions. In this case, they perform the same role as the drums of ordinary one-armed bandits.

Game types

Modern slots noticeably differ from their “classic” predecessors in a huge range of gaming options. It is noteworthy that they are available in two modes – real game and demo mode. In the second case, while playing you do not win anything, but with such online slots, there are no risks of losing either.

Popular game types:

  • Video slots;
  • Classic machines;
  • “Fruit” games;
  • 3D slots;
  • Video poker.

These are the most common types.

Classes of one-armed bandits imply one or another principle of winning combinations. The second class includes machines operating on the principle of bingo or lotteries, slots of the third class payout winnings when random combinations appear.

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Jackpots can be fixed and progressive – the second option is potentially more profitable and high risk. What to choose is up to you.

Tight and Loose Slots

The most subjective classification, but we still consider it necessary to mention it. Loose one-armed bandits give more frequent wins, and tight ones have a low percentage of returns.

Online slots bonuses

Almost every slot machine offers at least one bonus feature. This adds fun and often opens up opportunities for bigger wins. Let’s consider what kind of online slots with bonus casino offers and what kind of bonus games they have.

Free spins are the most common bonus. Often it is about 20 spins with one or more restarts.

Less common, but still common, are pick and click bonuses. Several objects are presented in front of the player and he needs to click on one of them. The player may have only one choice and receive one gift. Or he may continue to click and get prizes until he opens a special symbol that means the end of the round.

There are slot machines with a choice of the risk level. The online slots Canada offer some options. You can get the higher the multiplier and the fewer spins, but the chances of winning something are lower.

However, in some cases, even in slots with such bonuses, players are not allowed to make a conscious choice, since this is done randomly or the player chooses blindly.

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